Delivering Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Excellence in Madrid

Led by the world-renowned and respected facial and general plastic surgeon, Dr. Francisco G. Bravo, Clinica Gómez Bravo prioritizes surgical excellence that has been influenced by decades of international training and dedication to sharing knowledge with the greater aesthetic community.

Dr. Gómez Bravo upholds the belief that he has a duty to his patients and the worldwide aesthetic society to continue pushing the envelope for better, more natural facial rejuvenation.

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Innovations, ingenuity and the drive to advance aesthetic plastic surgery

Great results do not only show in a static image; great results are three-dimensional. They can be seen from all angles and with any movement. New discoveries and improvements in facial plastic surgery have allowed for these types of results; however, the work is never done. Dr. Gómez Bravo continues to study, lecture and revolutionize what is possible with facial plastic surgery.

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Plastic surgery has the opportunity to change appearances significantly; however, you don’t necessarily want that with facial rejuvenation. Patients should look younger but not unlike themselves. Dr. Gómez Bravo combines surgical techniques to restore a more youthful appearance that upholds natural beauty and identity.

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Neck Lift

Men and women of all ages struggle with the neck area, and it plays a substantial role in perceived age. Dr. Gómez Bravo’s reduction neck lift is often performed in combination with the facelift and addresses fullness beneath the chin and jawline. His innovative techniques reduce volume deep in the neck to create angles between the jaw and neck that compliment the facial aesthetic.

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Few features affect facial harmony more than the nose. Modern rhinoplasties (nose surgeries) need to do more than sculpt a nose. The nose needs to move and bend naturally. Dr. Gómez Bravo performs preservation rhinoplasty to ensure that the nose remains soft and feels natural while looking beautiful.

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Skilled surgeon, international lecturer and pioneer in the aesthetic field: Meet Dr. Gómez Bravo

Dr. Gómez Bravo is an internationally trained and respected board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial, general plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is consistently devising and educating others on new techniques that will advance the field of plastic surgery to allow for safer and more seamless results.

Dr. Gómez Bravo has studied and lectured all over the world with many top surgeons. This, along with his international patient base, has given him a unique and extensive viewpoint that has allowed him to develop creative approaches for facial and other aesthetic concerns.

Improving health and creating beauty

Beauty is transcendence. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Gómez Bravo is not only thinking about his patients’ well-being and safety but also determining the best way to create beauty. Studies have long linked aesthetic surgery to increased psychophysical health and self-confidence. As a lifelong artist, Dr. Gómez Bravo ensures that his results are noticeable, natural and maintain the patient’s identity.

Continuously learning and collaborating with his peers

You cannot have innovation without the input of others trying to solve the same problems. Creativity and innovation are critical to all medical fields, and Dr. Gómez Bravo prioritizes his participation in aesthetic meetings all over the world to teach and collaborate with his peers. This sharing of knowledge allows for better solutions, and Dr. Gómez Bravo understands that he can impact more patients when he shares and demonstrates what he knows with other surgeons. It is this type of contribution that will move plastic surgery forward.

Attention to every little detail

Facial rejuvenation is the most challenging part of plastic surgery. Since the face is so visible, there is no room for mistakes. The face is an area that requires harmony between the structures, one where everything needs to make sense. The eyelids cannot be addressed without considering how they will impact your smile. The lips cannot be adjusted without taking the nose into account. Dr. Gómez Bravo considers every detail when planning your facial treatment and tailors your treatment accordingly. Your facial rejuvenation may include a combination of techniques to maintain facial harmony.

Success is achieving great results

There are benefits to minimally invasive technologies in terms of downtime and smoother recoveries; however, these perks should never outweigh optimal results. Plastic surgery is a progression of techniques that come together by innovation. With modern advancements, surgeons have the opportunity to provide safe, refined and natural-looking results without anyone being able to identify that surgery was done.

PlasticAreview – Journal Review Enero 2017 – Pecho  11:57

PlasticAreview – Enero 2017 – Cara y párpados 5:35

PlasticAreview – Enero 2017 Contorno corporal 2:24

ASAPS Las Vegas 2017 Facial & Rhinoplasty Symposium 1:46

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Montreal 2015 4:27

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Montreal 2015- Browlift 3:11

Honored member of international scientific societies

In addition to being the medical director of Clinica Gómez Bravo and an internationally respected lecturer, Dr. Gómez Bravo is the Immediate Past-President of The Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP) and proudly serves in the Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SECPRE). Dr. Gómez Bravo is a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and one of the few European surgeons who is an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Not only does Dr. Gómez Bravo represent some of the most well-respected aesthetic societies in the world, he is also on the Editorial Board of the two most important and relevant Aesthetic Surgery Journals: the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Aesthetic Surgery Journal), where he serves as International Senior Editor, and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal).

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“Gracias por estar ahí, por su trato, por su profesionalidad, por su saber hacer, la confianza que transmite, su lenguaje claro y optimista, su preocupación por la perfección del resultado…muchas gracias por haber solucionado un problema tan importante para mi.”


“Tengo que seguir dándole gracias por el magnífico resultado obtenido gracias a la cirugía realizada en mis párpados, es una pasada lo que me ha cambiado la vida.”


“Bravísimo!! Es usted el mejor….mejor cirujano pero también mejor persona!!.”


“Muy recomendable. Prima la profesionalidad y la naturalidad. Si algo no es necesario no lo aconsejan, aunque sea más beneficioso económicamente para ellos. Todo un acierto acudir a esta clínica sabiendo la cantidad de piratas que hay en este mundillo. Gracias Fran y Marina, me habéis cambiado la vida.”


“Un cirujano plástico excepcional, tanto a nivel técnico y profesional, como en el trato personal y humano. Uno sabe desde el primer momento que está en las mejores manos, consigue unos resultados muy naturales y a la vez se aprecia una gran mejoría tras la intervención. Incluso cuando tiene que arreglar desperfectos producidos por malas operaciones de otros cirujanos, es igualmente paciente y consigue unos resultados buenísimos. Un equipo perfecto. La función que realiza es magnífica.”