Breast Reconstruction

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The use of microsurgical tissue transfers allows for the most natural results after mastectomy. In this case, fat and skin are transplanted from the abdomen to the chest wall, molding the tissue in order to obtain the shape of the new breast. The scar in the abdomen is well concealed just above the pubis and inguinal areas and the result in this area is quite similar to the one obtained after aesthetic plastic surgical procedures undertaken in the abdomen (tummy tuck) in order to improve body contour.

Microsurgical breast reconstruction avoids the need to use expander and implants, which allows for a one stage reconstruction, it decreases the complication rate derived from the use of synthetic materials and often avoids the need for surgery on the contralateral breast to achieve symmetry.

Reconstruction techniques

The present day microsurgical techniques also allow for breast reconstruction with ones own tissue, without the need to sacrifice muscles from the back or abdomen, like other autologous reconstruction techniques.

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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction after partial or total breast mastectomy is considered as one more aspect of the comprehensive management of patients suffering the consequences of breast cancer. Reconstruction may be performed using expanders and implants, or by means of the patient´s own tissue (autologous reconstruction).

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