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Tuberous Breast Correction in Madrid


Gomez Bravo

It consists in a lack of growth of the inferior segment of the breast, with a narrow base, a high inframammary fold close to the inferior border of the areola and an excessively large size of the areolas, with a dilated and herniated appearance.


Remodeling Techniques

Dr. Bravo performs complex surgical techniques for remodelling and redistributing the breast tissue at the moment of breast augmentation, reducing as well the size and volume of the areola and frequently combining fat infiltration from the patient in order to achieve a breast with a normal and natural shape.

Tuberous Breast Correction

It is not unusual for women who consult for breast augmentation to request not only an increase in breast size, but also to improve its shape. Many of these patients present with a malformation in the development of the breast known as tuberous or constricted breast deformity.


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