A rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical procedure which seeks to modify the structure of the nose in order to improve its shape or function, correcting certain anomalies such as a protruding dorsum, a deviated nose, a large, bulbous or droopy tip, or widened and open nostrils.

When is a rhinoplasty indicated?

Rhinoseptoplasty can reduce or enlarge the nose, change the shape of the tip, narrow the width of the wings, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. This type of intervention can also help correct birth defects, nasal lesions, and some respiratory problems.

There is no universal type of rhinoseptoplasty that meets the needs of each patient. It is designed individually depending on the needs of each one. Internal nasal surgery can also be done at the same time to improve breathing.

Is there any risk?

Any surgical procedure carries an inherent risk. The individual decision to have a rhinoplasty is based on comparing risk with potential benefit. Unlike what it may seem, rhinoplasty is an extremely technically complex procedure. 

The most frequent problem that can occur after a rhinoplasty is that the result is not what was expected and that a touch-up or revision of the intervention is necessary. If the rhinoplasty was performed using modern techniques, these touch-ups are most often relatively simple to carry out and can be performed under local anesthesia, on an outpatient basis and with virtually no convalescence period.

When the initial rhinoplasty intervention was not performed in an ideal way, the reintervention is more complex, thus being considered a secondary rhinoplasty that usually requires general anesthesia and the use of cartilage grafts.

Other risks that can occur after a rhinoplasty are bleeding, infection, poor healing and breathing problems. All of them infrequent and that can be resolved through surgical revisions.

The first evaluation visit

The first consultation is made by Dr. Arreche, a member of Dr. Gómez Bravo’s team. In this consultation, the doctor will attend to the patient and will explain the technique and indications of the treatments.

Once the informative consultation has been carried out, the patient will have the diagnostic consultation with Dr. Gómez Bravo, in which the technique to be used will be explained in a detailed and individualized way and will carry out a photographic study to be able to solve all the questions and doubts.

If desired, the patient can make both informative and diagnostic consultations with Dr. Gómez Bravo

Before the surgery

Before the surgery, patients need some simple tests for their safety, including a blood test and an electrocardiogram.

After the surgery

After a rhinoplasty procedure, the patient will have two small intranasal drains and an external plaster splint. Dr. Gómez Bravo does not place any nasal packing as they are very annoying for patients, so it is possible to breathe through the nose the same day of the intervention. The drains will be removed two days after surgery and the plaster 7-10 days after it, both in the consultation of Dr. Gómez Bravo.

After removal of the cast, patients should wear discreet plasters on the nose to control inflammation for 3-4 days and then only at night.

Dr. Gómez Bravo will explain the correct placement of the same as well as the guidelines to give a small massage in the area of ​​the nose in order to accelerate the recovery process.

The patient will be able to walk and lead a relatively normal life from the day after the intervention, avoiding physical exercise, being normally recovered about three weeks after.

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