Facial Reconstruction

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Reconstructive microsurgery also allows skin, fat, muscle and bone to be transplanted from any area of the body onto the face, so that any injured structure on the face or neck, including the jaw, tongue, stomach, palette, nose, eyes, cheeks and scalp can be reconstructed.

Reconstruction of the facial contour: Numerous congenital or acquired disorders can cause alterations of the skin and the fatty subcutaneous tissue on the face. A normal appearance can be restored and facial symmetry recovered by means of fat grafting.

Muscle and nerve transplantation

Facial paralysis reanimation: This type of facial reconstructive surgery makes it possible to transplant muscles and nerves (generally from the legs) to the face to recover movement and facial expression which was left totally or partially paralyzed by different injuries or after a partial or total injury to the facial nerve: with this surgery it is possible to transplant muscles and nerves (generally from the leg) to the face in order to regain facial motion and expression.

Facial reconstruction

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Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction may be necessary after trauma, burns or after the removal of skin lesions or cancer. Reconstructive plastic surgery allows facial structures that have been destroyed by the aforementioned causes to be restored, and considerably improves the scarring that has been brought about by them.

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