Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The aim of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is to modify the shape of an anatomical region that does not have a desired appearance by the patient, possibly due to genetic inheritance, changes in metabolism or simply the effect of time.

Considerations in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

There are two important aspects that should be taken into account when planning a procedure in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: natural results and function. There is no use in improving the appearance of a nose if this means not being able to breathe properly.

Similarly, it would be unacceptable to rejuvenate a face if this would reduce its facial expression, or increasing breast size if this leads to a diminished sensitivity, or operating on bags under the eyes if this will cause chronic conjunctivitis.

Therefore, only a surgeon with a profound knowledge of how the human body works and as much experience as is possible in reconstructive plastic surgery, must be allowed to perform these operations.

Natural Results

The most natural-looking results are obtained both by good taste and the surgeon’s artistic eye, and by his good judgment and effort to achieve the best possible result. Is it important to analyze the errors made in the past using more conventional techniques which often lead to “artificial” results. As well as this, the surgeon must be continuously updating his techniques to be able to provide patients with the techniques which give the most natural results and are as risk-free as possible.

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