Secondary Surgery

The results of a primary procedure do not always satisfy the expectations of the patient, being some common causes the following:

There are times when the outcome of an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure does not turn out to be as expected. In these cases, a second surgical intervention is necessary in order to modify the first one and achieve the desired results.

These types of procedures are defined as Secondary Surgery and often times require the use of complex and advanced techniques to reconstruct the damaged area, demanding a high level of specialisation in order to adequately undertake them.

  • Procedures in which the techniques employed were conventional or not advanced. The techniques associated with state-of-the-art and modern Plastic Surgery, although tech-nically more complex to execute, allow for more natural results, avoiding the “operated-look” or stigma of having gone through surgery, which are typical signs of the classic techniques employed in conventional plastic surgery.
  • Although unfrequent, complications from a first procedure such as a hematoma, infection or excessive scarring may also hinder the final result.
  • Asymmetries or unbalances between shape and size, often caused by a lack of de-tailed analysis prior to surgery or by the use of less appropriate techniques.
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Secondary Breast surgery

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Secondary facelift

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