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What are the chemical peels?

Chemical peels are procedures to improve the overall appearance of your skin by applying a chemical substance. They can be classified into superficial peels, medium peels and deep peels according to the amount of damage on our skin that needs treating. Peels help us accelerate the natural exfoliation that occurs to our skin and helps to eliminate dead skin cells, as well as promoting cell regeneration by increasing the collagen production.

When to use them?

Sun exposure, acne or ageing can damage our skin, making it thicker, irregular and full of pores. Peels help restore healthy, tight and. skinyour skin to look smoother and healthy, free of impurities, diminishing wrinkles and improving its appearance and coloration. You can improve:

  • Scars, including acne scarring
  • Superficial and deep wrinkles
  • Differing pigmentation
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loss of facial luminosity
  • Hormonal spots

Most facial surgeries require an additional treatment to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Each individual case is analysed and the decision regarding a peel after a face lift procedure, is considered.


Superficial and medium peels are outpatient procedures, and three or four days of recovery are needed for the skin to heal. However, deep peels require a light sedation, as the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable for the patient. Because of the abrasion of this peel, the recovery of the skin will be slower, and can last up to two of three weeks. Once the correct epithelialization of the skin takes place, the patient can continue to live a normal lifestyle.

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