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Facelift in Madrid

Over time, facial skin begins to show the effects of age. Whether it be the presence of wrinkles and fine lines or skin laxity and sagging skin, cosmetic frustrations in the lower and midfaces can cause women and men to feel self-conscious about their appearances.


Gomez Bravo

Facelift Surgery

While non-surgical treatments, such as dermal fillers, can help patients achieve a more youthful appearance, the reality is that the results are temporary. However, facial rejuvenation surgery can provide long-lasting results that can help your face look younger than it has in years. And one of the most transformative facial procedures is facelift surgery.

Facelift surgery addresses concerns on the lower two-thirds of the face and is combined with neck lift surgery to provide a complete transformation of your lower face. When planning this surgery, it is important to consider the bone structure of the face, hereditary factors and skin type. They all play an important role in the rejuvenation that can be achieved and can be fundamental in the duration of the result.

Dr. Bravo is one of the most trusted cosmetic surgeons in Madrid. Not only is he skilled and knowledgeable with facial procedures (he is a specialist in reduction neck lift surgery), but he also ensures that his patients’ health and results are at the forefront of everything he does.


Facelift Techniques

SMAS Facelift

The facelift treats structures with excessive laxity at the facial level, focusing on the cheeks and mandibular ridge, as well as the periocular and temporal regions.

The SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) is the muscular area of the face that often shows the effects of age. The SMAS facelift is a modern technique that targets the facial support tissue in the deep layers of the skin to significantly improve the appearance of the face. Additionally, because the incisions are made at the temples above the hairline, there is often less visibility of resulting scars.


Neck Lifting / Cervicofacial Lifting

Dr. Bravo always combines facelift surgery with neck lift treatment to harmonize the results between the face and neck and correct bands or flaccidity under the chin.

Cervicofacial lifting is a facial lifting technique that addresses the neck and mandibular ridge to address flaccidity and sagging while achieving a more natural result.

Benefits of a Facelift

With a facelift, the lower two-thirds of the face (from the cheeks to the neck) are addressed to help you achieve a more youthful and attractive facial appearance. Facelift surgery with Dr. Bravo in Madrid offers the following benefits:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Correction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighter skin on the lower and midface
  • Correction of sagging cheeks
  • Elimination of jowls and double chin
  • Minimal visible scarring
  • Firmer facial appearance
  • Improved confidence

Maintaining Facial Balance

Because facelift surgery addresses only the lower two-thirds of the face, many patients combine other procedures with their facelift. This can help patients achieve a more total and harmonious transformation. This is especially true since correcting one area of the face (such as the lower and midface with facelift surgery) can often create an imbalanced appearance if the upper third of the face is not addressed.

To achieve more comprehensive results, you may want to consider combining your facelift with any of the following procedures:

In addition to surgical enhancements, it is important to consider non-surgical improvements, such as microdermabrasion, to improve skin tone and texture.


Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Skin laxity and the appearance of age-related lines in the face can significantly affect your perceived age, attractiveness and overall appearance. However, because many of these age-related concerns are part of the aging process, there is no way to correct these issues without the help of plastic surgery.

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery are non-smoking women and men who struggle with age-related concerns in their lower and midface. Patients should be in good general health and have realistic expectations for their results.

If you think you may be a candidate for this surgery, schedule your consultation today. At your consultation, Dr. Bravo will evaluate your facial condition to determine if a facelift is the right procedure for you.

Why Choose Dr. Bravo for My Facelift?

Dr. Francisco Bravo is a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon who consistently pushes for innovation in plastic surgery. Combining creativity, a passion for aesthetic surgery and decades of experience has allowed Dr. Bravo to become the respected surgeon and international lecturer he is today.

Dr. Bravo understands facial anatomy and the nuances needed to perform advanced surgeries on the face and neck safely and with consistent results. He pays attention to every detail to ensure his patients achieve beautiful results that move naturally.

Why Travel to Madrid for My Facelift?

Traveling for plastic surgery is becoming more common as patients can more easily access the top plastic surgery clinics in the world. Clínica Gómez Bravo in Madrid welcomes patients from around Spain, Europe and the rest of the globe.

Contact our office to learn more about the benefits and ease of traveling to Madrid for your facelift procedure.

How Is Facelift Surgery Performed?

During your consultation, Dr. Bravo will create a surgical plan to correct your specific needs. Dr. Bravo considers his patients’ goals and anatomy to achieve optimal results. Because of this, facelift techniques will vary.

Facelift surgery is performed under anesthesia to ensure that patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. Once the anesthesia has been administered, Dr. Bravo will make incisions in the hairline above the temples. These incisions will then extend down the face, attached to the entrance of the external auditory canal and behind the ears, allowing the resulting scars to be better concealed.

Dr. Bravo will then manipulate the underlying facial structures. This includes removing and/or repositioning fat, tightening the SMAS, and then lifting the facial tissue to a more youthful position. To lift the tissue, dissolvable sutures are used. Once the tissue is in place, Dr. Bravo surgically removes excess and sagging skin. The remaining skin will be pulled tightly to give patients a smoother, more contoured facial appearance.

Lastly, the incisions will be closed, and recovery can begin.

Facelift Revisions

Facelifts achieve long-lasting results. If new signs of aging appear over the years, a reintervention can be performed, often consisting of a simple “re-tightening” through the previous incisions.

How Long Is Facelift Recovery?

Most patients will require seven to 14 days of downtime after their facelift. Bruising, swelling, discomfort and some pain are expected during recovery. Following all post-surgical instructions, including keeping the head elevated and taking medications, can speed recovery and minimize pain.

During recovery, it is essential that patients do not engage in strenuous activities. While short, slow walks are helpful for promoting blood circulation and speeding up healing, patients need to allow their bodies to rest and recover.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From My Facelift?

After facelift surgery, patients can experience long-lasting results, including a more youthful and sculpted facial appearance. And since the face is so visible, an improved facial appearance can positively affect the entire body. Patients can expect a smoother and more defined facial appearance that they can feel proud of.

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