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Breast Lift


Gomez Bravo

In order to achieve a firmer breast and correct its position, Dr. Bravo employs an innovative and advanced procedure for breast elevation, in which the priority is not only to lift the breast, but to achieve a natural, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing appearance by remodelling the breast, in order to rejuvenate and recover its original shape.

It consists in the anchoring of the breast in a higher position over the pectorals muscle, through the use of a laterally extended circumvertical scar and avoiding the so-called inverted “T” or anchor-shaped scar, which may produce visible and inadequate scars in the cleavage area.


Enhance The Figure

In certain cases and always according to the patient´s wishes, a small implant or fat transfer from another part of the body to the breast may be employed to enhance the breast´s shape in the upper pole, when there is insufficient breast tissue to work with.

Breast lift

A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure that repositions the existing breast tissue in a higher position, in order to provide firmness and elevate a lax, droopy or empty breast, improving its shape and projection.


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