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Breast Augmentation


Gomez Bravo

According to Dr. Bravo, the key to good results after breast augmentation is to achieve naturalness, obtaining a complete harmony between the breast and cleavage of the patient.

In order to achieve these natural results after breast augmentation, Dr. Bravo proposes an innovative personal technique: Para-Sternal Infiltration (PSI) Composite Breast Augmentation. In this advanced procedure, fat is extracted from the patients thighs, flanks or hips through liposuction and then infiltrated in the central cleavage area, which allows to shape this area in order to achieve a rejuvenated, natural-appearing cleavage and thus avoid the typical operated-look known as “separated breasts” deformity.

Once the fat transfer is performed, the breast implant is placed. Implants may have different sizes and shapes. They consist of an outer shell composed of silastic and may contain saline or silicon gel. Today, the most modern and safest implants employed for breast augmentation are cohesive gel prosthesis. Taking into account the patient´s own preferences and after a complete evaluation, Dr. Bravo recommends the most appropriate implant.

Placement Technique

Regarding the placement of the breast implant, Dr. Bravo favours the technique of dual plane partial submuscular positioning, which often times produces more long-lasting and better aesthetic results. He places the scar either in the inframammary fold, the areola or the axilla, depending on the patient´s preferences, taking into account the breast´s morphology and the risk of developing capsular contracture.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that consists in the placement of a breast implant or prosthesis, in order to increase the size of the breast in a long-lasting manner and to improve its shape and position.


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