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Female Genital Surgery

The goal of Female Genital Surgery is to correct morphological anatomic variations in order to rejuvenate and restore function, sensation and appearance in the female genital region.


Proportions And Aesthetics

Dr. Bravo employs his thorough knowledge of the ideal anatomic proportions and of the features that contribute to having a female genital region that is both natural and attractive, in order to produce the best possible results in female genital surgery.

Custom Treatment

Thanks to his great versatility and his extensive experience in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bravo proposes a totally personalised treatment for his patients, after a thorough medical evaluation and an individualised assessment regarding the most appropriate procedure to ensure that results match the needs and expectations of each patient.


Firmness And Muscular Tone

The ageing process, maternity, important weight variations or menopause lead to a loss of firmness and muscular tone that induce evident morphological and/or functional changes in the female genital region (labia majora ,labia minora and vagina).

Long-Lasting Results

In order to do so, and to achieve natural, long-lasting and tangible results, Dr. Bravo employs surgical procedures that are more complex technically, but that generally avoid an operated-look and that produce a result that is much more harmonic and balanced, as opposed to those associated with more simple and conventional techniques.


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